Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I got it !!!!

I was happy to announce that I’ve received my NNCC Exchange from BJ. Yeap .. My partner is BJ and I was informed that she sends the card to me last Monday using registered mail and here you go.

What a beautiful card that she made. The material was provided by Ying who organised this exchange for Needle & Crafts group and everyone of us who participate need to come out with our own creativity to finished it into a card.

Here I present to you a beautiful card made by BJ although she informed me that she don’t have much idea about card making.

On top of that I also received a wonderful early Christmas Ornament from her in reds. So neat, BJ and I just love it. Now I’m hanging the ornament at my office partition and all my colleague say it is a beautiful finished piece. Thank you so much.

Last but not least, I also received my 5 threads of Carrie’s Creations Thread that BJ promise to send to me once I’m done with my “Ä Bouquet for Cherly” competition. Wow wee … all the thread was so colorful and I can’t wait to use it to stitch some of my project soon. I get in return a thread call Tropical, Thanksgiving, Sherbert, New Vision and Over The Rainbow as you can see from below pic. Isn’t the thread was so colorful …. and all is for me … :) (with a smiling face).

My card is on the way to Ulla from Sweden. I'm late to send out the card to her. The due date suppose to be on September 30th, 2007 but I can't make it to post office so I post it on October 1st, 2007 using registered mail. Hopefully she will love the card that I make to her.


Lillie said...

The card BJ made is so cute!!! Especially the mushroom and a lovely ornie in red.

Barbara said...

You're most welcome Lene! Glad you like it especially the card, I was kinda nervous :)

Do enjoy the lovely threads and one more ornament for the Christmas tree! never too many ;)

Janet C said...

Yes, it's cute Also love the mushroom and the 'grass'.

tkdchick said...

What a beautiful ornament to receive!