Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sick ....

Seem like November is not a good month for me this year. After my handphone is being stolen, now I get sick. My whole family was sick. Start by my eldests son having a high fever, cough and flu, follow by my hubby ... then continue by my youngest son and now is my turn. Being sick for 5 days already. Didn’t do any stitching yet. Feel tired, lazy and sleepy too.

Hope I can get well soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

So sad ...

I'm sad ... really ... really sad. I lost my handphone last Thursday. The last time I recall using my handphone was; I put it on top of my hard disc to recharge it. I always doing that and never lost it before. I strongly believe that my colleague will never do that to me... It's cleaner that I suspect did it but I don't have any evidence.

The only hope is going to the CCTV room to see who the culprite is but hopeless because the CCTV that install in my office is not functioning yet. Such a stupid management. What for they keep on putting the notice here and there saying that the entire place was cover by CCTV but actually is not. The only hope that I was spoil and I'm sure that I can't get my handphone back.

Every time I try to find a new phone on the handphone shop... but whenever I saw the same brand with my handphone I feel very sad. Until now I haven't get any to replace it. It is not only the phone that I treasure much but the think that store inside ... like family & friend contact, all the important messages and my family picture inside.

I hope and pray hard that one day the culprit will get the same thing that I have face now... being lost on the think that you love and treasure most.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paul's RR is completed !!

I received Paul's RR from Vero last week. He chooses Dragon from Dragon Dreams design as his theme and Paul is so kind to attach the kreinik floss together for us to easy stitch. So this is what I’ve stitch. I choose “Dragon of Air” because most of the thread being use is blue. Blue is my favorite color.

It just takes me less then 3 days to finish it. The funny thing when I finish this RR is .. most of my family and friends say that it is a seahorse and doesn’t look like dragon … lol. What ever it is … I’ve done my part and thanks to Paul for choosing this theme to enable me to have a chance to stitch Dragon Dreams design. I think I’ll stitch the other 3 dragons again for my own collection … *wink.

Anyone who interested with this chart can get it here. It's free.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Marquoir du Jardin in 56 parts

For those who love to stitch Marquoir ...
Here is the Marquoir of the Garden.

One part per week ..
Now, two parts is currently available.
The full chart features 5 alphabets and several border sections.
It's not a Mystery.

All instructions are available in both French and English.
(no fussing with translation engines!)

It's charted for 5 shades of each of two colors ...
Use the designer's suggested or easily pick your own.

I think it could also be readily stitched with two variegated flosses.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Done ...

Tea Cup Sampler

This is what I have done for Vero's RR. At first I don't like this tea cup and I though I choose a wrong one to stitch. After finish stitching, the color is so light and not cheerful at all. I feel boring. But no choice … I have to finish it … I start back stitch the cup and outer edge of the plate … I get excited. The piece turn out alive ... I mean .. look more real .... *wink. Then I can’t wait to finish the backstitch for the leaves and lastly the vines … After everything is done … I was so happy.. happy .. happy .. Not believe me .. then have a look … but I guess the real piece look more beautiful compare to pic.

Floss Tag

Secondly, I want to show my first try on Floss Tag. I saw a lot of stitcher making floss tag. So I decided to try out one. It’s fun, easy to make and finish very fast. I finished it with my way because I couldn’t find eyelet tool and puncher here. Anyway, the result is not so bad … :)

Now .. I have to start stitch my Rose Sampler for part 10, 11 & 12 while waiting Vero to send Paul's RR to me.

Till then, have a nice weekend everyone. Don't forget to come back and visit me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some picture at last ... :)

Hey everyone! I'm back. Wow, time sure flies. It has been more than a month I didn’t post any of my stitching progress. Thank you for all your kind words and messages. Em .. I’m very sure that I'm not pregnant. Not from now as my youngest son is still young and need a lot of my attention. There is nothing happen on me just want to give myself a good rest and put more attention to my children.

My Beloved from A Stitcher’s Hand has done this far. Maybe for some of you it is boring but for me .. I like it. I have a hard time to finish this 2 part because I keep on miss count some box. End up I have to restitch again … I have now completed the top section of “Beloved”.

Second, I manage to finish a small tote bag. The design is a freebie from Lizzie*Kate.

That is all from me for the moment. Hope everyone is well and getting lots of stitching done.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tired ...

Hi everyone. Sorry for not posting for so long. I'm still doing my stitching project just feel tired and lazy to post. Hope you all will not get bored to visit my blog.

I will try to post my stitching project soon and hope you will stay tune with me.