Saturday, November 8, 2008

Marquoir du Jardin in 56 parts

For those who love to stitch Marquoir ...
Here is the Marquoir of the Garden.

One part per week ..
Now, two parts is currently available.
The full chart features 5 alphabets and several border sections.
It's not a Mystery.

All instructions are available in both French and English.
(no fussing with translation engines!)

It's charted for 5 shades of each of two colors ...
Use the designer's suggested or easily pick your own.

I think it could also be readily stitched with two variegated flosses.

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aroza said...

hi charlene...

been to yr blog quite sometimes ago...and got the rose sampler from the EMS link that u've attached....but havenot started any of them yet...:)

patterns from Marquior are also nice...but once i'm in the link that u attached, i'm not sure which one to click since all written in foreign language...are u able to get the free chart for the designs in the blog...

if anything, pls let me know through

thanks so much......