Monday, May 28, 2007

Progress Report !!!

Hi everyone !

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog (as usual) and left wonderful and encouraging comments. I appreciated it much.

Another progress report on my 3 things sampler. Not much finishing as I busy doing something else beside stitching this sampler. Here is some part that I've finished and yet to finished from the first row of the sampler. That is not a actual size of the sampler as I fold the fabric into half. That why you can see the border from the bottom part of the sampler.

I've make 2 scissor fobs that I wanted to get it done for so long. The combination color was turning out so well and I love both. This is my first try to make a scissor fob using bead and I like it. Hemm.. let see ... maybe I can change it and hang it on my handphone beside using it as a scissor fobs as I have two here. Which one to decide ???

Ok .. the first one I choose red color because I bought the red love shape buttons and beads for sometime back and I didn't utilize it. Then I decide to make something useful rather then let the button and beads sitting on my stash box unused. This is it ... nice ha ... lol .. at least for me and my sister would love to have it but ... opppsss sorry ..... I only manage to make one and I promise to make another one for her ...

The second one is in green color. I love the green bead and also love the sun charm, a birthday exchange gift that I get from Ina. It make the whole scissor fob look perfect and this one is also for me ... lol. That all from now and I will love to show all of you my next product that I make from beads.


Itching To Stitch said...

Your stitching is pretty and you've made some pretty things with your beads ;)

Emily said...

Wow Lene, you sure have been buzy. How do you do it?

whitecalla said...

Both are pretty, Lene.

Mylene said...

Your scissor fobs turned out great.