Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Progress report on 1826 Sampler !!!

Hello everyone !!!

Yeah ... I'm looking forward to start this 1826 Sampler on the June 1st as we (Zohrah, Margaret, Emily, Rose & me) agree to do it as an SAL. Since today is 5th June, 2007, so I going to report my progress on the sampler for 5 days I'm busy working on it. This week I will fully occupied my time to stitch this sampler and next week will be for Terre de France project.

I just love the combination of this two color and it's match each other very well. Very slow progress and didn't manage to finished the first design. Althought the chart was look very simple, but I keep on doing mistake by miscount the boxes ... errrr ... have to restitch again and that make me waste a lot of time. Anyway, better then nothing .. here is the progress so far and hope to done more this few day.

Beside that, I would like to wish Happy Belated Birthday to Deb. I suppose to wish you on the June 1st but as you already know that I'm not arround as I was celebrating the Harvest Festival at my hubby village. Wishing you a whole lotta happiness & sweet surprises !!


Barbara said...

1826 Sampler...looking good!

Mylene said...

Nice progress on the sampler.

Itching To Stitch said...

Your stitching is coming along very nicely ;)

Karin said...

Your 1826 Sampler is looking gorgeous!

whitecalla said...

Loved the color combination too..
BTW, Happy Harvest Festival to you