Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sherryn's RR

I finished this last Sunday but I couldn't post it on my blog. I was attending a training for 3 days at University Malaysia Sabah and only back last night. It was Sherryn's RR and this time her theme was "CAR". Hemmm .. interesting but in my mind I only got one and only chart that suit this theme and it fid nicely in the square that provide by Sherryn. ya .. it is a 1934 Mercedes - Benz car stitch on 18ct cream Aida. I love it very much.

It is a chart by Maria Diaz taken from "Cross Stitch Collection" issue 118 (June 2005). I actually don't have other chart and I hope Brayden (Sherryn's son), will love it. I add in the blue cloud since their was a lot of empty space below my name. The whole chart was look so full and make me proud of it *wink.

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