Monday, April 24, 2006

Karann's RR

During my weekend, I was busy finishing Karann's RR organised by EMS Board. Karann choose EMS cards designs as her theme. She just ask all the participant to choose one of the card freebie to stitch on her RR but I choose two.

At first I was choosing the "Happy Birthday" cards and I feel bad because the design was too simple. I was asking them to stitch one of EMS animal baby costume on my RR and she just as a simple card design. Then I decided to stitch another one for her RR and I choose "Christmas Cookie". Both design take me less then 4 hours to finished it. Here is the outcome for the two EMS card design specially for Karann. Hope she will like it.

To those who wish to download the EMS card design, please visit EMS Cross Stitch Board. Beside that, a lot of wonderful freebie can be download easily for the site. You'll feel that you won't regret to pop in to the website.

I guess your car and other in Sherryn's RR look great. That is why I don't simply choose my car on her RR scare that it will spoil the whole piece of Sherryn's RR. Anyway, thank for your compliment. Appreciate it !!!

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