Sunday, March 19, 2006

Friendship Card ...

This is my first completed project from the book that I bought last week. It's call "Friendship Card". That's mean I going to finished it to a card for a friend of mind. Have a lot of fun stitching it due to the colour that Joan Elliotte's use was solf but colourful and alive.

Be patient friend because I gonna have a lot of finished pieces from this book that I going to show to you all. Ha ha ha .. really confident on it because I can't stop my self from seeing all the nice pieces from the book.

Niesa, Nik & Rozita,
Sorry from the bottom of my heart because I can't get any extra copy for the book. The moment I received the order from you'll I quickly go to hunt for the book again .. but unfortunately I couldn't get any. I didn't know that their is still a lot of stitcher outside there from Sarawak that I wish to meet and introduce Malaysian_Stitchers Group to them but I really can't get them. I really feel guilty because I actually should by more that day .. but I didn't do it. Don't get angry with me .. I will watch out for the next book fair if there is any.

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