Monday, March 13, 2006

Yippie ... I found it !!!

I was so lucky yesterday. I go and visit one of the book fair try to find out Cross Stitch book or collection. At first I was so dissapointed because after rounding for third time .. could't find any of the cross stitch book. Just saw some of knot book and recipe book ... Then when I decided to go back ... suddenly my son as me to see some stationery for his book colouring and guess what .. my eye was attract to one corner of the book.

Yippie ... I was jumping happily. Yes, I got it. It's a book call "Cross Stitch: Sentiments and Sayings" by Joan Elliott and it is in hardcover. I've been looking for this book for long time already.

Joan Elliott's unique style and charm are given full rein in this wonderful collection of well-known sayings and warm-hearted sentiments to stitch.

Gifts for friends and family abound in this new collection of cross stitch designs that combines the full range of Joan Elliott's creative talents with her love of language. All the styles for which she is well known are there - Celtic, Native American, Oriental as well as some of her whimsical teddy bears. The humorous 'You may look at the dust, but please don't touch' will bring a wry smile to the face of any hard-pressed housewife, while the gentle 'With every little baby's birth, a bit of heaven drifts to Earth' will meet a response from every parent - and grandparent. Reflections on the serenity of the garden and the peace and wisdom of Asian, Celtic, and Native American cultures are beautifully presented as framed pictures and accompanied by ideas for smaller projects.

For all stitchers out there, I guess it's a must buying for this collection of Joan Elliott's and you will not regreat at all.

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