Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bent Creek's Design

I manage to stitch several small pieces last few days. I choose a simple and easy pattern from Bent Creek's design.

This pattern is call BUZZ and it's take me 4 hours to finished it. I'm using 18ct Aida with 2 thread instate of 1 just like many other stitchers.

My second pattern from Bent Creek's design and it's called Swirlygig. Isn't the pattern was so lovely. Just like Lizzie*Kate pattern and we hardly differenciate the design .... but anyway I like it. It's so colourful just like what I want it to be and all the thread I choose is from DMC Variegated.

Still have a lot to stitch but to little time to finished it. How I wish that I can have extra time so I can spent it to my stitching project.

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