Friday, February 18, 2005

Needlebook & Pincushion

Needlebook & Pincushion for Nik Ainun for Malaysian Stitchers Exchange. The flower design is taken from a book title "Flower Design In Cross Stitch" by Christina Marsh. This is the first time I try out the needlebook and pincushion and I really don't know how to do the finishing. After browse and ask friend around, I got the idea of finishing by using beads and I found out that it's make the both look great.



View from front

View from back

This is what I received from my partner, Margaret. I really love the needlebook & pincushion that she send to me. The combination of the pattern and the fabric is really same and that make me salute her for her work. You don't believed me ... Then take a look.

Needlebook & Pincushion from Margaret

View inside the needlebook

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