Monday, January 10, 2005

Fall In Love With Cross Stich

Before I get to know of cross stitch, I was a stamp collector. I love to collect stamp through out the country. Most of the stamp I get from my brother who travelling a lot and have a lot of friend from outside country.

I get to know of cross stitch when I was in form 3. After finished the final exam for SRP, we don't have anything to do and one of my best friend bring over her cross stich project to finished it at school. Then I learn stitching from her and I was fall in love in cross stitch. After finished class on that day, I insist to ask my mum to buy for me a chart and I stitch it everyday until it is done. I still remember that the first project that I stitch is "Quan Yin Pu Sa" and I stitch it expecially for my dad because he always not feeling well. He is asthmatic and I hope by finishing the chart will bring a good health for him and chinese (Buddist) believed that it will help to bring cheers and glory to the house.

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