Sunday, January 9, 2005

My Very First Entry ....

Seeing and I've read so many blogs and I guess it's time for me to create one 4 myself to record all my stitching adventure.

Starting by introduce my self ... I'm 29 and married with 1 kid (5 years). I have been stitching for 15 years .. I mean on and off. This is a hobby that I love most and I'm not going to stop it until my dead come.

Today, I learn to added some of my favorite cross stitching blogs. I was too slow in understanding the html and still learning to upgrade myself about it.

I'll love to add you in my blog if you have something that you think will inspire and interest me. I know I'm not good in English but this doesn't stop me from having a blogs of my own to show all my stitching adventure.

Will post and update more soon. Just be patient with me.

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