Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tempus Fugit !!!

I don’t know whether you all ever encounter to this website or not. Now they are provided a free SAL chart for us to download free.

For more detail, you may check it out from this website Tempus Fugit
. I was too excited to stitch on this chart so over the weekend, I manage to finished it. It was a bit hard time for me to complete it although we see the chart was quite simple. I keep on miscount the box and end up, keep restitch again and again.

For those who wish to stitch the chart, please take note that the "W" alphabet is missing. Guess what, while I’m stitching this, my older son interrupts me and read all the alphabet. Suddenly he told me that “Mummy, the alphabet is wrong. It doesn’t have "W" on it.”. Then I have a look and encounter the mistake but luckily I haven’t stitch until that part yet. End up I manage to add the "W" on chart and shift the "X" together with the same line for alphabet "Y" & "Z".

If you don’t mind for the missing "W", you can just continue by stitching the whole chart without doing anything. And now, is the show off time.

Tempus Fugit SALexandre
Stitched on 18ct Ecru Zweigart
Using Carrie's Thread call New Vision

Another view for the chart