Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Be Glad Sajou

Just wanna update my little finished for the ass few day. Didn't stitch much so this is what I can show at the moment.

It's call
Be Glad Sajou. I just finished one of 4 parts from the series. Those who wish to have the chart may download it from here. Would like to finished it into Stitcher's Wallet just like what BJ is done. Now show off time again.

Sajou Be Glad (freebie)
Stitched on 18ct Aida with DMC 115


Barbara said...

Ah...lovely. If you have any questions about the Stitcher's Wallet just sing out :)

Charlene said...

Thanks BJ. Will do if I have face a difficulty but from the tutorial that you show .. it is very clear and I can understand it.

Mrs Deanna said...

Hi there charlene..lovely lovely...owh i've been to your pages a few times and your stichings semua "kacak2" sarawakian too from Miri but now residing in KL...feel free to drop by my blog ya..only bits n pieces on stitching as i'm a beginner...:)..your blog sure makes me wanna stitch more...