Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My latest pic on 1826 Sampler !!

Hi everyone !! Thank you all for your comment and yes, I really enjoy working and stitching on "A Bouquet for Cheryl" and hopefully can finished it into something soon.

At last my pc is working well. I try to update on my 1826 sampler since yesterday but I can't do it. My pc always got hang and give a lot of trouble while I try to transfer the photo to my pc.

This is my latest installment on 1826 sampler. Yippiee ... I can say that I was really satisfied with the outcome so far and the mix and match on the thread between 112 and 310 was done pretty well. At least it turn out really antique look for me and can't wait to stitch the other motive.

1826 Sampler
Using DMC 112 & 310 on 16ct White Aida


Christine said...

waouh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it ! i love it !!!

Dawn said...

It is gorgeous!

Barbara said...

You made so much progress! Really looking great!

Emily said...

Adoi! Stunning! Love the color combo!