Tuesday, September 4, 2007

LHN complete !!

I'm happy to inform that my Little House Needlework - Home of a Needleworker is completed. Actually it complete last Thursday 30.08.07 but I don't have time to post it on my blog.

I was sick for the last 4 days and can't do anything. My body was shiver, very cold and just spent my time at mattress sleeping ... cover with 2 blankets. Everybody was happy celebrating Independent Day on the August 31st, 2007 but me hopeless ... ha ha ha. Can't doing anything. Pity my 2 sons have to spent the time with mummy who not feeling well.

Anyway, as promise this is the finished piece that I talking about. Cool ha ... it take me only 6 days to finished it. Actually can finished more early then that but unfortunaly the color that being choose / use on the house really slow me down. It's only take one color but I couldn't finished it soon because of coklat, the color that I hate most.

I send the piece to framer yesterday and he say that I can collect it today. So, I use my lunch break today just to go there and collect it ... and I happy to see the result.

Tara ... check out the pic below. Very nice and beautiful. I choose a black frame just like the one that choose by Diane Williams on this piece and it match really well. I love it. Another finished XS collection for me ... yahoooo ... Now the chart is ready to post it out to Nik.

Design by Little House Needleworks call Home of a Needleworker
Design by Diana Williams
Stitched on 18ct Natural Aida using DMC Thread

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you to Nik for coming out this brilliant idea on Sisterhood Stitching and also not forgetten, Jean who willing to offer the chart from her store for us to stitch. Thank you and terima kasih sekalung budi. I would definitely join in the next SHS and hopefully this time someone is willing to doate a chart from PS ... cool ha.

Tonight, I going to stitch back all the WIP piece. Though I going to stitch "A Bouquet to Cheryl " and post some pic for BJ to update it on her store.

P/s : Thank you to all who always visit my blog and left wonderful and encouranging comment to me. I really appreciate and treasure it much. Terima kasih !!


Anonymous said...

Wahoo, that looks beautiful in it's frame!!

Lillie said...

Wow!! That is super fast, Lene. Congrads and the framed piece is a beauty.

Barbara said...

Amazing Lene! May I borrow those turbo needles? :) It's lovely and the frame perfect. Your framer does quick and excellent work!

bevq said...

I love this needlework you did! It really is gorgeous. reminds me of heirlooms you see from the 19th century.

Excellent work!

niesa said...

Wow... Kitak memang super stitcherlah...Cantiklah yang u polah ya...

Cheryl said...

Beautiful finish, congrats! The frame is so prefect for it.

Dawn said...

It is beautiful!! Congrats on a wonderful job:)

Carol said...

Yay Charlene! Congratulations!