Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanks Nik & my last finished for Christmas !!

I was surprise when I saw a registered mail on my table just now and I know that it is a package from Nik. She sent me some fabric and a handmade card. It's such a beautiful fabric and I love the way the card turn out. So cute and I love the size of the card as well.

Here you go ... a pic of what I get from Nik. Thanks again Nik !!!

Cute Snowman

My last project for Christmas and it is from Design Work Craft. Finished it last night and thinking of finished it into a cushion cover and let see .. maybe I can make use of the Ho .. Ho .. Ho .. fabric that Nik send to me to finished it into a cushion cover. I still have a few day to go before going back to husband village to celebrate Christmas on December 24th, 2006. Hopefully I can get it done before that.

Picture time !!!

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