Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Weekend !!!

I enjoy spending my weekend with all the cross stitch craft. Here is what I have finished during the weekend.

Boxy Lady Projects

I finished this earlier then I thought. I actually signing up this project organise by Margaret Wong from Needles And Crafts Group. The project is to make a box to store your craft tools-of-the-trade.

I'm using EMS Stitcher's Tool design for the top of the box and choosing fabric with red flower and a green leaf at bottom of the box. Cool ha .. I just love the finishing and my husband so impress on the box as well.

Woodland Joy

This is the chart that I really like an it's call Woodland Joy. It was a freebie from "Something In Common Designs". The moment I found it, I quickly download it and this has to be one of my to-do-list especially for this Christmas.

Don't you this the owl was so cute. Beside stitch the normal cross stitch, this chart also asking us to try the partial eyelet stitch and french knots. I think I'm gonna finished it into an ornament or maybe other. Hmmm ... still haven't decide anything yet. Any idea anyone ....


This is also a freebie provided from Better Home and Garden Australia. For this chart, I'm using Anchor 1335 multi-colour thread and I see that the colour doesn't turn out nicely as I wish. Maybe I have to finished this up into a biscornu or pincushion. I only stitch the inside pattern and left out the outside border. This make the whole chart very small and it's about 40h x 40w only.

Those who love the chart can get it from here.

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