Tuesday, November 21, 2006

WTMSR complete !!!

Wow .. it has been a weeks since I didn't update my progress on this WTMSR. Actually it has been completed last Friday but I was on sick leave that day so I couldn't update my blog. Anyway, here is the complete pic of the "Welcome To My Stitching Room" project. Actually it still miss out the bees because I haven't bought it and need to watch out from the local LNS to stitch on it before I can send it to frame or other finishing.

I just love the look of whole piece. It's really colourful and cheer and I still think whether I suppose to send it for frame or finished it into bellpull.

Hemmm .. any idea on the finishing anyone.


As Christmas will be coming soon, I do stitch some chart on christmas and I hope to finished it into ornament. Never try to make any ornament before and that's why .. would like to make one.

I choose a Roly-Poly Santa a freebies from Needle Maid Designs. It's really cute .. at least for me and I can only finished it after 3 hours working on it. Isn't the Santa look so cute. I'm happy with the look and hopefully can make a wonderful ornament .. *wink.

Miniature Pillow

Here is another small and easy chart to stitch for christmas. I'm using GAST to stitch it .. call "Hibuscus". Those who interested to stitch the chart can simply download it from Better Home & Gardes website. It also come together with other nice christmas freebies.

I gonna finished it into miniature pillow.

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