Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Welcome To My Stitching Room !!!

I gonna show you my latest project that I start 2 days ago. lol .. This is call "Welcome To My Stitching Room" (WTMSR) from Jeremiah Junction collection by Linda Coleman.

I remember that I did ask Nik to sale off her chart to me so I can stitch this wonderful design but she didn't do that because this is one of her precious collection that she want to keep. Anyway, I manage to get a copy of this chart together with other JJ Collection from 123 Stitch.

You see after getting the chart, then I know why Nik doesn't want to let go her chart. Beside this "WTMSR", the chart come out with two other chart that will not make you stop from stitching it call "Welcome to My Garden" and "Refuge & Strength".

This is the progress that I have done so far. Quite a slow progress because I have a lot of thread that I don't have in my collection and need to get it from the local LNS before I can stitch on it.

Tonight will be more progress that I can done and hopefully this project won't take me so long to finished it.

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