Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Latest Project !!!!

Hi everyone. It's me again to report my latest finished. Sorry for being not active for this few month . Feel lazy to do stitching ... lol .. just want to have a good rest and enjoy my pregnancy.

Nothing big project that I've done this month. I only finished 2 square of RR that I join. One is organise by EMS Board. It was Wendy's RR and she choose "Funny Cat" as her theme. You see, since I really running out of cat design so the only one that I have was from Debra Page , taken from her Furry Friends designs that includes 36 charts. Unfortunately, all the cat design was too small and I have to stitch 80 x 80 for Wendy square. Due to the time is really permitted, I decided to stitch 3 cute and funny cats from Debra's design that can fid nicely on the square and I really hope that Wendy will love to see it.

After counting and arrange the cats nicely into the square I started to stitch and here is the result. Tara ....

For those who wish to stitch the chart can get it from The World of Cross Stitching Magazie issue 103 November 2005. This is a small fever for Wendy. The whole pic of her Funny Cats RR. Hope you love it Wendy and sorry for the poor image. Anyway, your piece is on the way home, Wendy. I post it out Wednesday using registered mail to your office address.

One more go and here have another finished piece that I have done for Jane, France organise by Cross Stitch Round Robin Mad. Our theme is Christmas so we have to stitch anything about Christmas. Since I can't find any small chart that suit the 50 x 50 square, so I choose Christmas Basket, a freebie from EMS Website. It was so colourful and easy to stitched. It only take my 2 days to finished it. Doesn't wanna talk so much .. so this is the pic.

Here is the whole look for your RR, Jane. Hope you satisfied with it. One more to go before your RR when home.

Your RR is on the way to Kate, Jane. I post it out together with Wendy's RR using register mail on Wednesday. Hope it will arrive save and sound.

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