Sunday, July 2, 2006

Vero's Rose Bouquet RR !!

I manage to finished Vero's RR during my weekend. It has been a tough job for me because I'm having my early pregnancy. I have to take a longer time then other pieces that I've done due to the very bad morning sickness. Sorry Wendy to keep you waiting. I know it already behide the schedule since I received it from Charity but anyway, this is the pic of the square that I done for you Vero.

I choose Passione Ricamo freebie called Bouquet because I love roses very much. As some of you may know that for my first RR, I choose Roses as my theme. So know this is it, another roses that I would love to stitch and I specially choose to Vero. Beside that, I know Vero also love it very much. But the different think that you can see from the orginal Bouquet from the site with the one that I stitch is the reben. I change the colour of the reben from white to yellow because I want to make the roses look more attractive. Beside by using the white reben it will make the whole piece look down because Vero is using light Ecru colour for her 14ct Aida fabric.

This is how your RR look like Vero. Hope you're happy so far for the 2 squares that stitch by Charity and me. Well, I hope to have it in the mail sometime tomorrow so Wendy can have her time to finished the square soon.

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