Monday, April 10, 2006

WOTE update !!!!

I finished my part 2 & part 3 for the "Windom of the East" chart. Here is the pic and this is such a big achivement for me.

Stitching both kimonos really gave me an headached. Joan Elliott's love to use a lot of colourful thread and keep changing the thread really slow down my stitching and the both kimonos take me a weeks for finished it.

Phewww .... luckily it doesn't stop me from finished it at the end. Nik & Azie, at last I have my own collection of kimono ..... LOL

Have to take a break for the chart because I need to finish Sherry's RR - from EMS Board.

Niesa : Not much actually. I guess you already see the whole pieces including the border. That's why you tought I already done a lot.

Cheez : Love to see the chart that you stitch for the MYS exchange. Will visit your blog soon.

Other : Thank you for your wonderful word for my previous post.

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