Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Raid !!!

I finished this piece a few day ago but because of time doesn't permit, I can't log in and update my blog.

Since today is a special day, as my nephew, Muhammad Raid Raimi bin Muhammad Khairul is celebrating his 1 year old birthday so I decided to prepare a gift to him and hopefully he can remember me whole life .. *wink. Of course the gift should be related with my favorate hobby ... what else .. "STITCHING". I really admire EMS work especially the collection of Animal Babies Costumes. So, I decided to stitch one of the animal babies collection and guess what I choose ... 'ROOSTER BABÝ'. Why Rooster baby and not the other baby ?????

My answer is since Raid is born in the year of 2005 and according to Chinese Zodiac, baby who born in that year is a Rooster Baby. Ha ah .. that is why I choose Rooster Baby for him.

Here you go.

Muhammad Raid Raimi. This is a special gift from auntie Charlene to you. Today you celebrate another year of life & may it be filled with lots of happiness with no hint of strife.

A special poem for you on your birthday.


A little birdie told me
today's your special day
hope that it is perfect
in each and every way

May the day bring sunshine
put gladness in your heart
with lots of love and laughter
from the very start

Have a joyous celebration
with loved ones ever near
and tender hugs and kisses
to last you through the year

My wish for you is happiness
and all your dreams come true
there is no other person
who deserves it more than you

Have a wonderful Birthday!

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