Friday, December 2, 2005

Love Letter

I was so happy to informed that I have successfully finished my square for Azie's SPRR. Immediate after I received it from Ann, I can't wait to go home after work to start work on it even thought I still have way stitching my Christmas MA.

I really have a hard time to finished this piece. Even thought you see this pattern is kinda simple .. just what I thought at first ... but when I try to stitch it .. OMG .. really headached. Guess what .. I have to reopen half of what I already stitch just because I have miscount of one box. Grambling ... and grambling ... After stop for one day .. don't even touch on it ... I have that strenght to finished it ...

This time I 'll make sure I stitch it correctly and no more miss counting ... All the sudden, I can stitch it without any difficulty and I manage to finished it in 1 1/2 hours.

Here is the finished piece. The original pattern was taken from Papilion Creations, namely Love Letter but Azie did some modifications to the patterns in order to suit our SPRR requirements. It was stitched on 14 ct aida white, using raspberry peach from Six Strands Sweet thread.

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