Thursday, November 24, 2005

Holly Berry Santa

All this while I've told myself not to join any more RR until I finished my 2 Round Robin that still going on. Recently, when I read the EMS Cross Stitch Board have 2 more vacant for 6 person RR, I decided to join.

At first, I choose Precious Moment as my theme. I really love this PM as my theme but unfortunately some of the participant require me to change the theme. They found that it is real hard for theme to find the freebie from the internet. I was quite disappointed because I was thinking to have this theme for long time ago. I was thinking for a few day to decide a new theme and I start browse the internet, normally I will visit Webshots to see the complete RR that some participant have and later I manage to decide my theme ...... CHRISTMAS.

Again another problem come out for me ..... errrrr ...... I don't have any Christmas chart especially I was looking for Santa or Snowman to be stitch on my own square. Since the first posting date is on 15th December, 2005 so I just take my sweet time to search a suitable chart for my own square.

I keep browsing and browsing for the couple of hours and guess what ... poommmmm ... I found it. Then it's time for me to start stitching it and take a look of my finished work.

Wow .. isn't the Santa look so gorgeous. Even thought we are still in the month of November, but I can feel the Christmas celebration is just around the corner. Manage to finished it on 24th November 2005 . This pattern is a freebie from The Vermillion Stitchery. I take out the circle line that surrounded the Santa face because I need to stitch my name, street and country on the top and the bottom of the face.

Now, the Santa was ready to post anytime from now to my partner Wendy.

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