Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Another Round Robin ....

I wanted to post this early in the week but never got time to doing it. I start joining another Round Robin call Single Pattern Round Robin. We have 8 of us who taking part in this RR and kind a buzy finishing my own square before the due date come. Manage to finished it on time and post it to Norli, Selangor.

I'm choosing shamrock as my theme and the pattern was taken from Prairie Schooler freebies. All the participant is going to stitch the same pattern but with a different kind of thread such as variegated colour, multi colour or special thread. For my square I'm using SSS - Jelly bean floss and the colour really look very sweet.

I ready all the Six Strand Sweet floss for all the participant to stitch on my RR. They can choose any colour that they one. I can wait to have my own RR back.

My own square

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