Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Lovely Roses RR

I was awflly glad when I received my very first Round Robin (RR) stitch by me, Wendy, Nik, Harsha , Gen and Margaret. This is 2nd RR organise by Wendy for Malaysian Stitchers group.

I stitch the first roses "An Old Roses Sampler" - which is from Flower Design in Cross Stitch by Christina Marsh. Thank you so much to all of you who stitched on it and make it a lovely piece of needlework. I look forward to finishing off my border. At the moment I haven't decide and find a suitable border for the lovely RR and hopefully I can do is soon and then getting it framed and hung it in my house.

Oh mind .. when will that be realised ....

In returned here is the pic that I stitch for them.

Wendy's RR

This is what I stitch on Wendy piece. I really enjoy stitch the pixie on mushroom. The chart was so small and I can finished it very fast. Since I have plenty of time before the next mailing date so I decided to stitch another one for her. Take a look.

Pixie on mushroom playing with ladybird

Pixie Playing With Ball

Harsha's RR

Harsha choose "Fresh Fruit Teapots" as her theme and frankly speaking that stitching harsha's RR is not easy. This is the first time I stitch using 14ct Rustico Aida in Oatmeal fabric. The feeling was real good. This is the result. I choose lemon teapots to stitch for her.

Lemon Teapot

Nik's RR

The is my portion for Nik's RR. I like the combination of the colour. The design is from Cross Stitch Gallery, Issue 27, May / June 2001.

Nik's RR

Margaret's RR

Her theme is combination of all our RR theme into her piece. Since my RR theme is Roses .. of course I have to stitch rose to her as well. The flower design is taken from Roses in Cross Stitch book.

Rosy Posy to Margaret

Gen's RR

Gen is choosing fantasy bear series from Vermillian Stitchery freebies. To finish Gen's RR is really a tough work. At first it was fun but in the other hand I struggle real hard to finished it due to a lot of franctional knot that using on the chart. After finished it have way, then I realise that I miss count 1 box and have to redo again. Erghhh .. but at last I manage to finished it before the date line. When I see the finished piece .. wow ... I just love it.

Centaur Chiron - Fantasy Bears

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