Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rose Sampler - Part 1

Crazy.. real crazy. Our internet line was really crazy for the pass two day. I’ve a hard time to log in to view, read and post message. Really boring … phewww … Since the line was a little bit ok now … I would like to update some of my XS project.

Yup … I have decided and start a new project call “Rose Sampler 2008”. I’m sure a lot of you already know and have visit EMS Cross Stitch Board. Ellen comes out with a new freebie that can be downloading now. It is beautiful and of cause will have a long way to go before you can see the whole finish chart. That is why I choose to stitch it because you don’t have much commitment on it. Just need to stitch one chart a month and move to 2nd chart for the next month. Come join me for the SAL and I’m sure everyone will enjoy and can’t wait to see the finishing on the whole chart in different of color.

Well I choose my own color thread instate of navy blue color (DMC 312) choose by Ellen. Here is the finished Rose Sampler – part 1. Looking forward for part 2 now. Not satisfied with the pic ... very blurrr.

Rose Sampler - Part 1
DMC 814, DMC 318 & DMC 415
Using 25ct White Evenweave over 3 strand


aroza said...

hi charlene..

nice blog....actually, i'm a friend of Dania FDS, so i found yours within her blog...

on the Rose Sampler, i tried to find it in the EMS (i signed as member last time) but cannot find the pattern...

'Berta said...

Charlene, I love your colours you've chosen for Rose Sampler 2008. I'll be stitching it later...do you believe that?...after I finish Frederick the Literate.

Keep up the great posts & stitching updates

Lillie said...

Nice choice of color, Lene :D

Dawn said...

It looks great! I love the colors you are using:) I can't wait to see more:)