Friday, January 18, 2008

French SAL

Today, I just found out this wonderful design and you can subscribed it for French SAL -based on a freebie- called Sal du Sampler de Anne that will result in this:

Isn't it gorgeous? Anne is a designer also known as Tournicoton and she has a passion for traditional French samplers. All information is
here. Should I or should I not to join this SAL ...


Aw said...

Lene, u r productive stitcher...stitch it. BTW, where can I download the chart? did you browse the Many Years Sampler (12 pts) which released part 1 on 15th Jan. U finished Terre de France? I am far behind.


Charlene said...


I think my Terre de France will become UFO ... ha haha .. Don't have that spirit to stitch it now .. but anyway will try to finish it no matter how.

You can download the French SAL by register yourself to the website and they will provide the link for you. Happy downloading. As for the Many Years Samplers ... still consider abt it :)