Monday, December 10, 2007

Wedding Bells

Just finished stitch this Wedding Sampler call "Wedding Bells" by Joan Elliott for Design Works Crafts.

It was a gift to my colleague, Valencia who going to end her single life by this end of the year and as I already promise her that I going to stitch something for her ... here you go. I just love this design because it look so cheerful with the beautiful color choose by Joan. It doesn't require a lot of thread and involve a little bit of french knot.

Hope Valencia will love the wedding sampler that I specially stitch for her.

Valencia, as you begin a new life together ... here's me, wishing you the best for your future together !! Here is a wonderful poem that I specially dedicate to you ...

Getting married means you'll have

Getting married means you'll have
Someone's hand to hold,
Even when you're feeling sick,
Even when you're old.

It means when you sit down to eat,
Someone will be there,
So you won't have to tell your day
To an empty chair.

It means that you can have some kids
Just like a mom and dad,
And play with them all afternoon,
Except when they are bad.

It means that when you need some help,
Someone will help out,
Someone always near to you
So you won't have to shout.

But best of all is when it's time
To turn out all the lights:
You won't have to be alone
Those long and scary nights.

So even though you don't have toys,
You don't have to care:
Once you're married you can be
Each other's teddy bear!

Copyright by © Nicholas Gordon


Dawn said...

It is beautiful!! Great job:)

Emily said...

Lene, Another beautiful piece, I am sure your friend will love it! And the poem is cutesy!

Carla said...

Beautiful!! Love Joan Elliot's designs :)