Monday, October 22, 2007

What I've been busy lately ????

I've been busy stitching my 3 things sampler for the past few day. It's really enjoy but a little bit stress when I saw some of the chart was printed wrongly .. I mean a lot of misscount especially when I stitch the leave on both site.

For those who want to work on this chart, you have to see real carefully as some of the box was printed wrongly. The sad thing is after you have done the stitching, only then you realise that the chart has some misscount by seeing the design on the left and right are totally difference. Normally the motive will be stitch repeat but after finish stitching you really can see the mistake. I having a hard time to reopen the box that been stitch and restitch again.

Anyway, mistake by mistake, here is the latest view on my 3 things sampler and I'm half way done on the chart. Hope to put more on my piece and finish it soon. Take a look.

Front View

Another front view

Side view

Close left view

Close right view


fds said...

Oh my, sooooo beautiful. i havent get the chance to start yet. the chart is sooo big. no wonder so expensive.

but phew, very nice. good job. cant wait to see the other half

Emily said...

Waaahhhh, so lovely and colorful! Great job!

Cheryl said...

Such beautiful stitching!

Barbara said...

Goodness gracious! This is fantabulous Lene!! Excellent effort, can't wait to see it completed.

Choko said...

OH!!!!very beutiful stiching!!!

Chelle said...

It's gorgeous! You're doing a wonderful job.

Rose said...

I love this. It is sooo beautiful!