Thursday, July 12, 2007

Busy day ...

Hello everyone !! I really thankful to have all of you who visit my blog often and give a wonderful support and encourage comment to all my work. Thank you .. thank you.

Yesterday was a busy day for me as I was on leave and taking care of my youngest son, Jarey who have his 5 months old immunication injection. Since the 3 in 1 injuction will cause a fever, so I decided to take care him myself rather then sent him to nursery. So during the busy day I manage to finished an origami pocket pouch. This is real fun and it take me less then 30 minute to finished it.

While Jarey is sleeping, his mummy is busy doing this pouch. Very simple and easy to make. Just follow the tutorial provided by
Myra. Don't want to talk much. Please have a look on my cute pouch about 5"x"5" size. My sister grap it once I finished doing it. Hemmm .. how can I say know when I actually can make other one for myself ... *wink.

Beside the pouch, I also hand-dye some fabric. I bought a black dye a few weeks ago and I would like to dye a 18ct white Aida into black color. But I was sad because it turn out to be blue color. The bottle for show that it is a black color of dye but it is not. Really dissappointed with the result because I would like to have a black 18ct Aida to do my next project. See the result below.

Well, I didn't give up and I take my 16ct White Aida to dye it again and hope to get black color for this time. Since I don't have black dye, I use nescafe that I have at home and I start hand-dye the Aida. At first it was good .. Its really black as what I want but when I soak it with vineger and water, oh my God, it turn out to be cream color. What an unlucky day .. sob .. sob. Anyway, I also love this finished piece and maybe I will decided to use it. See the result of my hand-dye 16ct nescafe Aida. Sound so funny ... ha ha ha.

Just one question, anybody can teach me to make a marble look on the fabric that we dye. I just love the look with a different tone in one color. Any tutorial that can guide me ??

Another happy news is I received a Carrie's Threads I order from BJ a weeks ago. I just love the color and maybe some of you may wonder why I get a lot of Sunburst thread. Actually I signing up a competition organise by BJ and I choose Sunburst to finished a chart call "A Bouquet for Cheryl". If you want to know more you can read it here.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, that pouch is brilliant, I want to try that too! Thank you for the inspiration! Sorry the pieces of fabric didn't turn out the way you had hoped. They look nice though!

Itching To Stitch said...

I admire people who dye there own fabrics. Sorry your attempt to get some black fabric didn't work but I love the blue color ;)

Dawn said...

You caught the fabric dyeing bug! I love to do my own fabric:)

Here is a link...hope it helps.

Lillie said...

Cute pouch and well done on your fabric dyeing.

Happy weekend Lene

Barbara said...

A lovely pouch and very creative! Thanks for the tutorial. I've only tried tea-dyeing, and it was quite a sucess but I wasn't aiming for the mottled look, so I cannot help you there.

However great attempts on dyeing those aida. Perhaps you could try on a small patch of fabric next time.

Carol said...

What a nice job with the pouch and the fabrics!!

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

I love the colours....bright. I got Sunburst too but only 2 skeins.