Monday, June 11, 2007

Cross Stitch Collection ...

Today I was so happy to received the Cross Stitch Collection magazine issue 144 that Azie help me to get it. Wow... this issue is so cool and a lot of beautiful design include inside especially my favorate designer Jane Greenoff and Joan Elliott.

I know this 2 designers will come out something for this issue by purchasing the 143 issue. Sure I'm not going to miss out this issue and special thanks goes to Azie and Angie who help me to get this 2 months issue.

Come let peep inside to see the wonderful design by all the talented designer and I'm sure that most of stitchers outside there going to make it as one of the 'to-do-list' in their stitching diary. Check it out.

The first design that I really like is Love's Promise. Love's promise is that as each day together goes by, difficulties shared are eased and happiness shared is doubled. This is an exclsive design from Joan Elliott's Cross Stitch Wit & Wisdom book for David & Charles.

Those who wish to make it as an anniversary give, this is it. This anniversary sampler speaks of the wisdom and power of abiding love.

This design was called "Flowers of Britain" by Jane Greenoff part 2. Those who collect the previous issue will have the first part of her design. The heirloom map was stunning with the flower and butterflies map.

Those who have the magazine and would start this project will definitely enjoy this scrummy map project.

This is what Jane have say on the map Ï have to admit to being very pleased with this project and it was one of the designs that looked much better when it was stitched". This will be one of my to-do-list.

Beside this two design, also include inside this issue is

  1. Lilliput Lane
  2. The Art of Irises - Floral Splendour
  3. Tiger Pool by Chris Hiett
  4. New Arrival by Maria Diaz
  5. Stitching Harmony - Floral Card Design by Maria Diaz
  6. and many more ...


- Azie - said...

I also bought 1 copy for myself, sudah fell in love with 'Love Promise'..

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

I bought this issue too due to Love Promise and Lilliput Lane but unfortunately...I did not buy the previous issue of the huge flowers sampler.

When I planned to stitched them...I have no

Anonymous said...

I also bought a copy for myself, I bought this issue too due to Love Promise and Lilliput Lane but unfortunately...I did not buy the previous issue . but I have gathered some more information on lilliput lane