Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vierlande - 1826 Sampler !!

Hi everyone ! Thank you for the wonderful respond and comment to my last post.

I was so happy to informed everyone that I will going to start another sampler ... ya ya ya ... I know, my Terre de France haven't finished but already have a big heart to start a new one. Anyway, I just can't stand it. I can't wait to finished the Terre de France and start this pieces.

I would like to thanks to my sister who bought me this wonderful chart as a gift for Mothers Day. Such a sweet sister who know her big sister interest on XS very well. Isn't this chart was so wonderful. I actually wanna post the surprise gift here but I have been really busy lately. Guess what, I didn't know the surprise gift was a sampler that I saw from Margaret post on
Needles And Crafts group a few weeks back. I was chatting with her and post the pic to her and telling her how I really ... really love the chart. Suddenly it was on my table yesterday and give me such a big suprise. Thanks my dear. Muahhhh ....

I'm going to use 16ct White Aida to stitch this chart . I choose DMC 115 and DMC Black .... hemm .... why ??? ..... just to get an antique sampler style on it. The chart, I have counted, is 333 x 283. I gonna work it using 2 stands.

A bit of the Sampler. The sampler was embroidered primarily with black silk thread on 16ct unbleached linen. The embroiderer worked only very few stitches in red/violet silk. The sampler originated in Vierlanden, a small vegetable growing region south-east of Hamburgin northern Germany. The original sampler is now displayed in the German Embroidery Museum in Celle.


Barbara said...

You must be so happy!! Aren't sisters great...sometimes ;) Will you be doing a SAL with Margaret? Zohrah will be too soon enough!

Christine said...

I have this sampler in my stash pile and it is really beautiful. I imagine you will be very happy to stitch it.

Lizzy said...

What a sweet and lovely gift from your sister, Charlene! This is a beautiful sampler!!! :-)