Friday, April 20, 2007

Part 8 is done ...

The part 8 is completed and now I'm move on to part 9. So happy to see the progress is keeping up fast and I can't wait to see the whole finished story .. But I know it's still have long way to go ... 16 parts to go ..... pheww .........

Terre de france Part 8
Design by Creations Annick Abrial
Using DMC 820 thread on 18ct cream Aida

I also finished a small pillow a few days ago but I haven't got time to update it on the blog. Just a simple design and fast to stitch. Lillie, I guess you must be familiar with the pink fabric that I use to the pillow. Yes, it was from you .. a birthday exchange gift organise by Nik for Malaysian Stitchers group. It really match because the fabric got the heart shape on it ... suit to the Lizzie Kate that I stitch.

#S37 You Have Stolen My Heart
Design by Lizzie Kate
Using DMC thread on 14ct cream Aida


Anonymous said...

Your LK finish looks fabulous!! Great fun watching your progress on Terre de France! You'll get there... :o)

Chelle said...

Your Terre de France is gorgeous, Lene! Love your LK pillow, too.

whitecalla said...

Thot the fabric looks familiar..LOL, Yep! it matches LK's design perfectly.

Congrads on another square well done for your Terre de France :D