Thursday, April 12, 2007

Long WIP Project ....

I would like to update my very long WIP project. It was almost turn into UFO already ... lol. Anyway, after starting to stitch it last night, I get excited back to stitch it and I can't stop my hand to stitch and stitch.

This is it ... Terre de France a freebie from Creations Annick Abrial for the year 2004. Just terminate the freebie for everyone download in January 2007.

It has 24 parts all together and hopefully I manage to finished it. It was once a SAL project organize by Malaysian_Stitchers group. I guess other member who join this SAL already finished it for long time ago. Shame .... shame ...

At the moment, this is the whole look for my piece. I will make sure that I stitch at least 1 part for one weeks or a months the worst.

Terre de France
Design by Creations Annick Abrial
Using DMC 820 thread on 18ct cream Aida


tkdchick said...

Wow that's a large project. Just plug away at it ... and it will get done!

Dawn said... looks great! Thanks for visiting my blog you have some wonderful stitching.

Your kids are adorable!