Monday, April 2, 2007

Hi .. I'm back !!!

Hi everyone !!! I hope you all will be happy and enjoy in whatever you all do. I certainly did. Thanks for all the wonderful compliment, friend. It has been so long that I didn't update anything on the blog since the last time I visit the blog. What can I say ... I really ... really enjoy my leave especially spending my time together with my new born baby ... JAREY ADRIANO.

Today he is 68 days old. I still remember the first day he came out ... that was really surprise me because doctor who scan him comfirmed that he is a girl. Luckily I didn't get anything first for him as I thought my due date is still far away. But because of the diabetes that I get during my pregnancy make him to come out early ... much ..... much early then I thought. He is only 36 weeks at that moments and I was happy that he choose to come out naturely rather then the doctor force him out using medicine.

Isn't he is cute. He smile a lot now.

I can see he grow very fast but unfortunately I have to start my work today. I have no choice but to send him to nursery and this morning he is still sleeping when I send him there. Really have no choice for me to left him there but what can I do ... I believe he will use to it later and will happy there as his brother Jason also there.

Jarey ... I believe that God above created you for me to love.

He picked you out from all the rest cause

He knew I'd love you the best !

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