Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Frame Project !!!

Hemm … what to update here. It has been a while when the last time I log in to my blog. Really not use to the blog. Everything change and make me feel frustrated on the look of the blog. Anyway, will try to fix it later.

I didn’t done any stitching project during the long holiday for Gawai Celebration plus Agong’s Birthday. Just want to update some of my finished project that I send for framing it.

This is a project that I have done since last year. Only manage to send over for framing last month due to the time permit. This attractive amaryllis design called Red Velvet by Sheila Hudson is simply stunning. The design is taken from Cross Stitch Collection, December 2004 Issue 112. For many of you think that there is a lot of wonderful flower outside their, but why have to choose velvet. Hemmm ... my answer is when I first saw this picture, I really fall in love with it and I promise my self that I have to do it.

The combination colour between red and green was really make the velvet look alive. Everyone who saw this project of mind was so please to see it and for me I never regret to stitch it. For those of you who always visit my blog will know that

I just finished this project not many month ago. Special thanks to Niesa for allow me to use her book to finished this piece. This sampler is taken from Quick & Easy Cross Stitch Gift issue April 2005. It's a Jeremiah Junction collection.

Personally I was not happen with the frame maker because he frame this chart without following my instruction. Reall frust to see it when I go and collect it. He just frame is exactly with the border size without giving at least an inche from the border of the chart and the frame.

I promise my self not to go back to that frame make again. He is arque with me that no other frame maker can do what I want .. and yet I can see all those wonderful finished frame work from Nik, Niza and other fellow stitcher on their blog that done much .. much perfectly for the one that he done.

I'm not a fussy person but since I pay for his services I guess I deserving the best services from him ... don't you agree with me.

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