Monday, April 9, 2007


Since today I have a little free time, I thought I have to update something. If not I feel guilty to myself ... at least by updating my progress will motivate me to stitch ... and stitch more. But I understand that stitching will not be the first priority for me now .. as I have my baby that need more attention from me and also my 7 years old boy who now is in primary one.

As promise ... tara my finished piece. It's a bellpull. I never finished any bellpull for myself. Only manage to do so but for exchange. This is my first bellpull for myself and now it is proudly hanging on the wall.

S06 Praise Your Children by L*K
Stitched with DMC multi-color thread on 14 ct Ecru Aida


whitecalla said...

Beautiful Lene, Loved the color blue. Yep ! your blog looks refreshing.

tkdchick said...

Your bellpull looks fantastic!!!