Thursday, November 2, 2006

What's In A Name ???

This week’s SBQ was suggested by Lee and is:

How did you decide on the title of your stitching blog? Was it random, or does it have a special meaning to you or about you?

When I visit and read some of my cross stitcher friend blog, I was thinking that I should start one to jot down all my stitching project. The word that come out from my mind at the moment is "Stitched With Love and Pleasure". Most of my blog is talk about my stitching and how I really enjoy and have fun pick and choose all the project that I wanna stitch and finished it.

You see from my word above know that the title of my blog "STITCHED WITH LOVE AND PLEASURE" ... really reflect from my stitching attitute. From the beginning until now, I never complaint on what I'm stitching and to who the piece I'm stitching for. All I done is with my love and pleasure to my cross stitch and will always be now and forever ..... wink :)

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