Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kate's RR completed !!

I manage to finished Kate's RR during my weekend but only now I can post it to my blog. This is the last square that I need to stitch organise by Cross_Stitch_Round Robin_Mad Group and it going to fly back to Kate soon. I really enjoy stitching this cute singing snowman. Most of all, I hope Kate will love it as well. Anyway can stitch this cute snowman that can bring a touch of Christmas cheer to your stitching with festive saying. For those who want to know the detail of this chart .. here you go. It was designed by Joanne Sanderson published on The World of Cross Stitching magazine issue 103 November 2005.

Kate, this is a small favor for you and hope you enjoy all the square that Edda, me and Jane stitch to you.

Barbara & Cindy : Thanks for your compliment on my WOTE sampler. Appreciated it !!!

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