Friday, May 19, 2006

WOTE - Part 5 Completed !!!

Yup!!! Although it has been a very hectic week for me this week due to the workload, I still manage to completed my part 5 for this Wisdom of the East chart. Interesting. It’s an oriental fan and it’s really awesome.. Don’t you think so .... lol. As what I mentioned on my previous post, I only need to stitch the DMC 504 to complete the chart so this is it.

The hard part for this part 5 is I have to stitch a french knot. Wow … It’s a challenge for me because I don’t really know how to stitch french knot and sometime it turn out not tidy as I want. Anyway, I manage to do it but not satisfied enough.

Beside French knot, this oriental fan also need to stitch a mill hill bead on it. As you can see the head of the dragonfly and the dot on the rope of the fan was stitch using bead but I didn’t use mill hill bead. I just use the ordinary bead from Sarawak that I always use for stitching the edging of my mailart.

Now, need to take a break on my part 6 because I have to finished a scissor fob for my Scissor Fob exchange organize by Cross Stitch Round Robins Board. Hemm .. I have to source out the suitable chart for this exchange.

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