Friday, February 10, 2006

VSCE 2006 !!!

Yeah .. yeah ... happy to hear that my Valentine Stitched Card Exchange 2006 partner was receiving the card and a small goodies that I send to her today. Now is save for me to post and announce who is my partner ....

Tarah ..... My partner is Veronica and this is a simple card that I stitch for her. The bird and heart pattern is taken from Cross Country Stitching booklet and actually the design is for towel band but I just take some of the part to make it as a card to Vero.

Beside the card, I also include some stitching goodies to cheer her up since this is the very first exchange that she join. Ha ... remember the small pillow tuck that I show during my previous post. Actually I already make up my mind that I'm gonna attached it together with the VSCE. Since
Nik an organiser for this exchange for Malaysian_Stitchers group say that we can include something as a gift so ... I attached some buttons, precious moment chart, beads and last but not lest the Six Strand Sweets floss that I bought from Linda.

In return, I received a stitched card from my partner Chua Bee Ee. Is kinda simple but I can see the effort that she put on the stitched card to make it a wonderful card. Have a look everyone.

Thanks Bee Ee and hope to received more exchange from you in future.

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