Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Home, Family & Blessing

For the kick start of the year 2006, I finished this sampler on 1st January 2006. This sampler take me lest then 3 weeks to finished it.

A day after my meet up with Niesa, I decided to stitch this HOME, FAMILY & BLESSING by Jeremiah Junction. How truly blessed we are when we have a happy home and a loving family. It's easy to take these things for granted. Stitching this sampler is a daily reminder of God's best gifts to us.

This sampler really make my heart bloom especially seeing all the colourful thread that been use to create such a wonderful sampler.

Specially thank you goes to Niesa who willing to lend me her precious book a gift from Quick & Easy Cross Stitch issue April 2005.

From the cover, maybe some of you noticed that two Narrow Red Heart button is being use same line with the wording "Having Someplace to Go is" but I change it with the love chart because I can't find a suitable button to stitch on the finished sampler. Anyway, the outcome look nice also.

Now is time for me to send this sampler for framing. So happy and can't wait for the finished frame now.

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