Saturday, January 14, 2006

Charnurse's RR

I spending my weekend stitching Charnurse RR organize by EMS Board. This is the 2nd RR that I join from the same board. Received her piece few days ago but haven't found out the suitable chart to stitch. Oh yes ... by the way, she choose Angel as her theme. First think I do is take out all my magazine and try to find out the best Angel collection that I have to stitch on her RR.

I have more then one list that I like to stitch but have to find out the best that I can to start stitching on her piece. Among the list that I like is Angel design by Laura Lattuada, Blue / Pink Angel from Nuova Pagina website and a few more. At last, I decided to stitch the Black Swan Design freebie. Here is the pic after spending around 3 hrs on it. The combination of the color was so real and I hope that Charnurse will love it. I'm not going to tell more of the chart. Will do that after I had finished stitching every thing.

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