Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas MA

I'm feeling pretty bad today. Having a headache and feeling so down. Maybe wanna sick already.

As for good news ... yesterday, my partner Lee O'Neil from USA have received the Christmas MA that I send out to her on December 6th, 2005. I really spent a lot of time to finished this MA and really happy to hear that Lee love the MA that I stitch. Since the theme is Christmas so I just stitch the "Merry Christmas"wording in front of the MA plus a Santa, holding a bird house.


As for the back of the MA, as usual I will not leave it empty without stitch anything beside my addie. I stitched a christmas border plus christmas wreath. If you notices, I stitch the red bead on the wreath to make it more real. With that I think it make the whole MA look really colourful and I finished it with red and yellow bead for the edging.


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