Sunday, October 23, 2005

Spring Topiary ....

Seeing all the great work in EMS Website about Topiaries, really gives me the itch to stitch it as soon as possible. Since I'm finished my partner RR and waiting my partner to post their 3rd round of RR piece for me to stitch, then I decided to start it.

After stitch and stitch for 3 days, here is the result. Yippi .. I already finished my spring topiary yesterday. So happy for it and going to stitch my second topiary tonight .. *wink.

FYI, I'm using 14ct white Aida. After finished it, then I realised that the wording is not really centered and I need to restitch the wording .. he he he ... that is me .. kinda fussy in everything especially in my XS work. I always want all my XS piece to turn out be a nice piece. I think I going to do it, when I finished all the four season before I get bact to this spring wording.

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