Friday, October 28, 2005

EMS Round Robin

Happy to hear that my partner, Ramona from USA have received my RR savely today. I choose EMS - Baby In Animal Costumes as my theme and I provide the chart to all the participant of the group to stitch. It was a freebies from EMS website long time ago and now no more available as free but anyone who wish to have a look and purchase the chart can log on to Patterns Online. I decided to stitch Cow Baby for my square because I just love the pattern and it's really cute ... isn't it ... see see the pic below ... pheww .. so cute .. lol

Here is the complete border of my RR. Sorry for the poor image. I'm using variegated thread from DMC for the border.

Now, I'm still waiting my partner Tracy from Oregan to send me her piece. Haven't hear any news from her for so long .. just wonder whether she got mail out her piece to me or not ????

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